The Gateway to Northern Ireland

As part of your travels, we can help you to not only discover the west coast of Scotland, we can open up the rugged beauty of the Bangor and Antrim coast of Northern Ireland.

With our Kintyre Express passenger ferry, which links Campbeltown and Northern Ireland. Kintyre Express ferry services for up to 12 passengers operate daily between Campbeltown and Ballycastle from May to September.

With a one hour thirty minutes sailing time and space for bikes and golf-clubs, Kintyre Express is perfect for those looking to do a bit of exploring or play a few holes of golf on either side of the water.


The gateway to Northern Ireland

Our 13.25 metre passenger ferry features a fully enclosed, centrally heated cabin with 12 airline style seats so you can travel in comfort while enjoying a fast journey to your destination.

Crystal clear waters to Northern Ireland
Kintyre Express
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