It's So Good, It's Ghastly

We know from experience the facts and info kids love to hear about aren't necessarily the ones adults are interested in!

While our live guides provide entertainment for all and historian Neil Oliver offers a fascinating
Audio tour, we wanted something ‘attention grabbing’ for younger people. So we’ve come up with
Ghoulish Glasgow – a fun, fact-filled tour with ‘kid-appeal’.

Our Ghoulish Glasgow commentary is available on all City Sightseeing Glasgow multilingual tours so kids can sit down, put their headphones on and tune in to listen to Ingles and Emily, our ghostly narrators, as they take them on a journey through Glasgow’s infamous past.

Top tip – Complimentary earphones are provided but some younger people may prefer to use their own for comfort and sizing.

Ghoulish Glasgow is all about the city and its history. It focuses on the ghoulish, gory and downright
Horrible past of Glasgow and its buildings and locations. From huge dunghills to ghostly apparitions,
Ghoulish Glasgow will enthral your kids for 1 hour 20 minutes, allowing you to tune in and enjoy the
Dulcet tones of Neil Oliver.

Salutations to one and all

My name is Ingleramus Kilgour-Thompson III – Ingles to my friends and I am a ghost. Once I was a very successful industrialist in 18th Century Glasgow but now I must stoop to being a ghostly tour-guide for the likes of you lot and try to teach you as much as possible about the gory, grim and ghostly side of my beloved city Glasgow.

Joining me in my endeavours to educate you in all things gruesome is Emily McPhee. Emily is 12 years old and also a ghost. She died of cholera in 19th century Glasgow and, don’t tell her I said this, comes from a poor family which I would never have associated with when I was alive. But hey ho, when you’re a ghost you can’t afford to be too choosy about who your chums are!

We met by chance at the City Sightseeing depot, the site of my former paper mill and Emily’s cramped tenement apartment and now amuse ourselves by jumping on board and telling our tales of Glasgow’s past – hence the creation of our wonderful enterprise that is called GHOULISH GLASGOW!

Some Important Information

Ghoulish Glasgow is a tour commentary designed for young people.

This commentary is available on all of our multilingual tours, but not on buses which have live guides. Ghoulish Glasgow is not a separate (or a different) tour, it follows the same route as shown on our tour map and standard fares and ticket validity apply.

Our Ghoulish Glasgow commentary is available all year round.