Posted: February 12, 2024

Cruising into Greenock? Here’s How to Jump Aboard the Best of Glasgow!

Ahoy, sea adventurers and land explorers! If your cruise is docking at Greenock and you’re itching to discover Glasgow, we’ve got some smooth-sailing tips to get you into the city with ease and on time to catch our iconic red City Sightseeing bus.

By Train: The Swift Path to Glasgow’s Charm For a quick and scenic route into Glasgow, the train is your best mate. You’ll find two stations ready to welcome you in Greenock: Greenock West and Greenock Central. A leisurely 15 to 20-minute stroll from the pier, and you’ll be boarding a train that’ll whisk you right into the heart of Glasgow at the Central Station. It’s not just a ride; it’s your first taste of the stunning Scottish landscapes!

By Bus: A Direct Line to Glasgow’s Buzz If you fancy a bit more of Greenock before heading off, hop on a bus at Greenock’s bus station on Kilblain Street, a brief 10-minute walk from the port. Lines #901 and #906 are your direct conduits to Glasgow’s vibrant energy.

Join Our Red Bus Tour: The Best Seat in Glasgow Now, with the city’s splendour before you, it’s time to really dive in. Our City Sightseeing buses are a familiar sight in Glasgow, and you can leap onto one at any of our 21 stops around the city. Here’s where you can find us: City Sightseeing Glasgow Map.

A pro tip for our cruise ship guests: on docking days, Glasgow gets very busy with fellow cruise explorers. To ensure you get a seat on our bus and don’t miss a single story or sight, we recommend hopping on at Stop 1 in George Square. Our buses fill up quickly, and once full, we can’t pick up additional passengers at other stops. Please also note that there may be a waiting time – we aim to go as frequently as possible on cruise ship days however there may still be some queues due to high demand.

Ready for the Ride of Your Life? Glasgow is bursting with culture, history, and an infectious spirit that you simply can’t miss. Whether it’s the grandeur of Glasgow Cathedral or the fascinating exhibits at the Riverside Museum, our red buses will guide you through it all.

We can’t wait to welcome you aboard and show you why we’re head over wheels in love with Glasgow. So, here’s to smooth sailing and happy travels as you cruise into our world!

Best Wishes and Here’s to a Lovely Cruise and an Unforgettable Glasgow Adventure!