Tours operating every 30 minutes until 19 October!

Based on increased demand we’re delighted to announce we shall maintain a 30 minute frequency until Monday 19 October.

Our daily tour departs from George Square outside Costa, just one minute away from our previous stop 1 which is now being pedestrianised. Tours operate 1000 to 1630. The tour takes approximately 90 minutes.

Due to roadworks in the east of the city starting on Monday 24 August. The tour is unable to serve stop 4 (Barras) and stop 5 (Glasgow Green). The roadworks are expected to last a month. During this time we shall serve the Saltmarket.

We have a range of measures in place for maintaining safe and responsible tours. For all travel details check out our new world page.


Customers are advised we are unable to carry large items of luggage on the bus as we do not have suitable storage facilities to carry such items.

Smaller bags/hand luggage style items are carried as long as they remain with the passenger at their feet or under their seat. Left luggage facilities are available at Queen Street station next to stop 1.